The Voices beyond the Stratosphere

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Supreeth the "Batman"

#Radio Comm

Sid the "Spiderman"


Visakh the "Green Arrow"

#Data Science

Martin the "Magician"


Original Sound from Space


When words fail, music speaks

Music -the language that connects all human beings. And possibly other life forms beyond our knowledge.


Text Mining

We process the conversation texts from NASA and lyrics of earthly songs. Using text mining algorithms, we find the one song closest content to the conversation.

P.S: The machine learning process is performed on a big data platform, thereby enabling us to scale the system to the enormous amounts of songs and conversations available.



We remix the song with the conversation. By infusing the conversation snippets with earthly music, we intend to bring hope, inspiration and courage to the rest of humanity.


Use Case

The music produced using NASA sounds would provide personal touch to the video messages shared by astronauts with their loved ones. Our algorithm can find the perfect song that blends with the content of the video message, thereby infusing more warmth and love in the message.

Final Remixed Song